Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why Am I Still Breaking Out?!?!

More and more women 30 years and older who never experienced acne as teenagers are starting to get breakouts. There are many reasons why this phenomenon is starting to occur more frequently, however the good news is there are things you can do to help clear your skin.

 You wouldn't believe how many people are using the wrong cleanser as well as just not washing their face properly. Using harsh acne cleansers for breakouts may be adding fuel to the fire depending on your skin type. Common acne cleansers use lots of surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate in combination with benzoyl peroxide (essentially a bleach) to remove oil from the skin. The marketing claims make it seem as though all people with acne need to remove all oil from the skin to solve the issue. The problem with that is that we are all biologically unique. Couple that with the fact that oil production decreases as we get older. So if that is true, why are women over the age of 30 still experiencing acne?

Skinflammation is at the root cause and stripping the skin of it's protective barrier just makes matters worse! It is really important that you use products that are chosen for what is going on with your skin today. Your acne isn't being caused by dirty skin. stress, hormone imbalances, birth control, lack of nutrients, toxins and food intolerance are the main culprits. Having a Licensed Esthetician evaluate your skin and lifestyle is a great start to getting your acne under control. Estheticians can tell if you are oil dry or water dry, if you are experiencing damage to the skin from the environment, we have a vast knowledge of ingredients as well as how the skin is affected in different situations. As an esthetician I can help you get to the root cause. Based on your skin analysis we can determine not only what treatment is going to give you the fastest results, but what exact products are going to stop the inflammation, balance pH, and create a balance of water and oil on the skin; resulting in fresh glowing skin. Below is a video with a few myths about acne and great tips to address your blemishes.

Here are some quick tips to help soothe acne breakouts today!
Play with dirt! Kaolin and Bentonite clays as well as French and Rhassoul clay all have really great benefits for the skin. They draw out impurities, control oil and soothe skin. 

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxy acid that is oil loving. In formulations of less than 2% it is anti-inflammatory. Avoid it if you are allergic to Asprin though. Be sure to talk to a licensed professional to find out what salicylic product is best for you!

Ice it! The number one way to clear a breakout is to remove the inflammation. Try icing a blemish for 15 minutes twice a day.

Make an appointment! I have some great treatments and tools to creatively restore balance to the skin and reduce inflammation. I would love to help you with your skin!