Thursday, March 24, 2016

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

I Like Big Brows, And I Can Not Lie!

My Esthetics career started at a salon that didn't have enough spa rooms at the time to take on another esthetician. The spa owner saw something in me and wanted to give me an opportunity so we put our heads together and found a closet in the back of the spa that was big enough for a spa bed and allowed me to do limited services.

 So basically, I did brows 6-8 hours a day 5 days a week and perfected my brow game. Pretty soon I became obsessed with creating the perfect shape for each woman. Seeing her face when she looked in the mirror and discovered how a small transformation really showed how beautiful she always was. It was then that I realized I could make a women see her true beauty and for some even turn back time!

Each brow has a unique map that reveals itself as I carefully peel away the layers. I equate it to pruning a bonzai tree. If you remove even one wrong hair and the shape is ruined!

Over the years I've seen it all! Let's face it, the 90's did a lot of damage to a lot of beautiful brows! We all know someone who has over-plucked their brows into a tadpole shape or completely lobbed the tales off into a vulcan-chic look.

Brows are important and it is essential that they don't distract from your beautiful eyes. It is very easy for things to go terribly wrong. So, what is the secret you ask? Follow the golden ratio. This is a mathematical equation used by artist, architects, designers and musicians to create masterpieces.
Your brows are sisters not twins and brow design is all about balancing and leveraging each hair.
This formula allows the artist to optimize each shape and create the perfect balance on the face. There is an easy system where you don't have to do algebraic equations to get your brows on point! Use a tongue depressor or makeup brush and line it up with the tip of your nose. Your brow should start just outside of the stick. Keep the stick in the same spot and move the top half to just outside your iris. This is where it should come to an arch. Keep the stick in the same spot at the end of your nose and move the top half to the outer corner of your eye. This is where it should end. 

So how do you get the perfect brow? I will let you in on my secrets. First things, first. YOU are BEAUTIFUL! Hair and all. I find that many women are over analyzing each hair and it leads to a lot of stress and plucking of really important hairs. So rule #1 is STOP! stop plucking, tweezing, worrying, looking and thinking about your brows. What you see 1 mm from your face in that 5 bajillion diopter magnifying mirror or your rear view is not the truth! It's only what you can see. No one is standing that close to you and if they are they probably think you are drop dead gorgeous! 

Hair grows in 3 stages and it takes about 28 days for the cycle. Plucking every day or sporadically without a plan just makes things so much worse. You are creating a cycle of chaos rather than a more low maintenance approach that leads to perfect brows. non-regimented brow grooming will lead to tadpole brows and friends don't let friends have bad brows!

So break up with your tweezers and forget about your brows for 4 weeks. "What!!! but I am so much hairier than everyone else!!!" um, so not true! I have never met anyone that this approach didn't work for and if you do have thicker coarser hair this actually will thin it out. After 4 weeks see your brow girl for the "Re;shaping". This visit will set the foundation for what is to come. Big, Bold, Beautiful brows that stop traffic and are the envy of all of your friends. Think of this as a training program and the easiest way to get into shape without exercising! Your brow girl will also show you how to apply makeup to distract from the regrowth and keep your brows on fleek everyday.

Rule #2 continue to stop! You are not that person anymore! We are on the right track and amazing things will happen to your brows withing 3 visits and will make you an #archaddict Keep using your brow pencil and highlighter and remember what your goal is! As we keep grooming on a 4 week schedule schedule we are actually damaging the follicle so that it either stops growing or an immature hair grows in it's place over a short time it leaves a crisp line and the hair gets sparser and sparser. After three visits you will notice that the regrowth is showing up all at the same time and closer to the end of three weeks. 

Tips from a Brow Artist:

Irritation, hives, bruising, pin point bleeding are all normal side effects of applying wax to the skin and pulling hair out at the root. 

Let your brow girl now if you are on any medications- certain medications can make you sensitive and cause dark spots if waxed as well as thin skin and lead to tearing or lifting. Certain topical acne and anti-aging ingredients can lead to this as well so be honest and tell your brow girl EVERYTHING you are using.

Sun exposure before or after is a really bad idea! waxing with a sun burn will just cause further damage and exposing newly waxed skin to the sun could results in brown stripes in the places where the wax was applied.

Hard wax is far more gentle than soft wax. It only adheres to the hair so if you have had bad experiences with soft wax check to see if she can use hard wax on you.

My final thoughts on brows is that you are the average of the 5 brows you surround yourself with so take a look around and get a brow girl! 

The BeYOUtiful Esthetician

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