Monday, June 13, 2016

Got Fuzz?

We are all supposed to be a little fuzzy, but for some it causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Waxing is effective, however it can cause dark spots due to the heat and trauma to the skin, not to mention for some it hurts more than is worth.

Waxing is great for just a lip or a chin, but for the whole face you may want to look at alternatives. The results of waxing leave the skin soft and smooth, but for some leaving the salon with welts is not worth the trouble and others can experience breakouts as well.

There are alternatives to waxing, but if you have ever had your upper lip threaded you know that it is not a comfortable experience!

I say if your skin is going to be the least bit uncomfortable then you should get amazing skincare benefits as a results! Dermaplaning is a fantastic alternative that not only leaves your skin petal soft, but brighter and more hydrated. It's basically like microdermabrasion and waxing had a baby!

The top layer of the skin is buffed and shaved to reveal softer smoother hair free skin, and anti-aging products are absorbed more easily. Fine lines are blurred and collagen and elastin are stimulated.

Minimal downtime is experienced, skin may be a little dry for a few days and a light itching may be experience for about 24 hours. Some light flaking can occur, but is managed by a light exfoliation at home a few days later and moisturizing. Maintenance is 4 weeks and the hair will NOT grow in darker or thicker.

This service can be turned into a facial with additional exfoliation and a mask for enhanced effects as well. Those who have sensitive skin will find this treatment really great as it is a little more progressive than a basic facial, while still being gentle enough. Most people once having this service quickly become addicted because it leaves their skin looking so radiant!

A Common (Yet Uncommonly Diagnosed) Disease…

In the United States alone, 53 million people have autoimmune diseases, and an estimated 22 million of them have Hashimoto’s disease. This summit is intended to bring people together in an effort to expand the Hashimoto’s community, gain access to support and discover new ways of healing. Join us!
Having dealt with this condition myself and having observed just how prevelent this condition is. I feel that spreading the word is so important. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is also known as Hashimoto’s disease, autoimmune thyroiditis or chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the thyroid and a gradual destruction of thyroid tissue by the immune system. It occurs in 3 stages: silent autoimmunity, autoimmune reactivity and full-blown autoimmune disease–the sooner it is detected, the better your odds of getting good results from treatment.
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Symptoms of Hashimoto’s don’t often show early, and can take 8-10 years to be detected, but may include:
  • Adrenal exhaustion
  • Weight gain
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Fatigue
  • Dry skin
  • Brittle nails
  • Bloating
  • Anxiety
  • Thinning, brittle hair
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint pain
  • Heavy menstrual periods
  • Panic attacks
  • Short term memory loss
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
The Healing Hashimoto’s Summit is online and free from June 13-20, 2016!
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I’ll see you at the summit!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Brighten + Lighten +Tighten

The three magic beauty words! As many of you know I am comitted to bringing you highly effective skincare that is both safe and cost effective. I recently have decided to bring IMAGE Skincare into the business. Over the last couple of months I have been experimenting and enjoying the results of the products. IMAGE is dedicated to using superior ingredients and achieving outstanding results. All of the products are formulated by Physicians and manufactured here in the US. I was also really happy to find that they are paraben free and they have many segments so that an individuals routine and services can be completely customized! Plus they are the official sponsor of the Miss Universe Pageant so they have to deliver results. They also invest a lot of education for their accounts and will allow me to continue to offer superior results.

So having signed on I have been taking classes towards their certification program. This month I went to the designer peels class and completely fell in love with the treatments. My classmate did the Signature Face Lift peel on me because I am a little dehydrated, but I was having a little breakout. She chose this four layer peel for me because it will lighten the scaring from my breakout, increase my hydration, even my skin tone and minimize lines and wrinkles. All of this without any downtime! This treatment can be done as a rapid results series every two weeks for a several weeks and then followed by once a month to maintain healthy skin. These series are best done in the fall or late winter. In the meantime doing monthly maintenance treatments with the appropriate skincare will prep your skin for the series.

So. . . You must be wondering what my results were. . .and the verdict is that my skin is looking and feeling amazing! I had no downtime and over the last 5-6 days I have noticed firmer, brighter and softer skin. I haven't been wearing much make up because I am so in love with it! (Final results definitely will vary depending on where in your skin healing journey you are.)  Here is a video testimonial that I did 1 day post treatment

All in all I think you will be just as happy with this line as I am and I look forward to earning your business and helping you #agelater! Please feel free to comment below and share with your friends! Or with skincare questions you can email me at

Monday, June 6, 2016

Double cleanse method:
Cleaning your skin with oil may sound like a really bad idea, but in fact it is probably THE best thing you could be doing to get your skin cleansed properly without stripping it. Why does this idea actually work? It is in the law of attraction! Oil attracts oil and helps to break it down and create surface tension on the skin allowing dirt, makeup, cellular debris, and excess oil to be vacuumed right off. Another benefit to this method is that as you perform the cleansing you are massaging the tissue bringing up circulation and allowing the skin to “take out the trash” as well as bring nutrients to the skin. Massage is something we don’t do often enough and this little bit of self-care will not only be a great step in beginning your relax and restore time, but provide an important role in keeping your skin YOUNG and RADIANT
I am sure you have heard that oil can be Comedogenic, but it isn’t that simple. Yes, some oils are more likely to clog pores, however choosing oil blends and/or minding your specific skin type when choosing oils makes a big difference.
Here are some oils to try based on skin conditions, and for a more customized treatment ask your licensed esthetician to choose for you.

Oily or acneic skin:
An oily skin type has larger pores throughout the face and tends to over produce oil (the over production actually comes from the inside so looking into diet and lifestyle may be helpful as well)
an oil with a high fatty acid profile will actually trap dead skin cells on to the skin making the pores become clogged and irritated. You may not have oily skin, but are experiencing breakouts. The oils recommended here also reduce inflammation and aid in wound healing so I would start here.
Oils can be used alone or in blends. Tip Castor Seed oil can be really harsh for sensitive skin so it may be best to use in a blend. My favorite oil for acne is Kukui Nut!

Dry Skin/Menopausal ( Dry tends to be poreless and it can have a lack luster appearance to it. Typically there is never a sheen on this skin. Also note that there is a difference between lack of oil= Dry and lack of water= Dehydration. This is why some may feel that they are both dry and oily at one time. In that case it may be beneficial to have a skin analysis before proceeding with a regimen.)
Tip Rosehip oil should be in a blend and start slow as some may react to it.
Sensitive Skin:
Sea Buckthorn, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil

How to:

Take a small amount (dime size) of your oil or mixture and start massaging the skin in upward circles. Doing upward circles ensures that the oil makes it into the pores for deep cleaning. Massage longer in areas of congestion and you may cleanse any eye makeup or mascara with the oil as well. (be gentle in the eye area)

Once thoroughly massaged take a microfiber cloth and run it under hot water. Use the cloth to remove the oil from your face. Follow with a quick cleanse using a sulfate free cleanser. Your skin will feel smooth and squeaky clean, but balanced!
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Sunday, June 5, 2016

24 Hour Face Lift

The newest trends in anti-aging beauty are coming out of Korea. They are leading in research and technology and inspiring companies to do really cool things with their products. One of the most popular trends out of Korea is sheet mask technology. Masks can contain all kinds of ingredients to treat a variety of skin problems.

Bioxidea is a U.S. company that has been bitten by the bug and is doing really great things with natural and effective ingredients. It is a really cool line and I am happy that the ingredients are thoughtfully crafted to avoid parabens and other harmful ingredients. Their Miracle 24 mask uses aloe, antioxidants, peptides (to freeze expression muscles!) and sodium hyaluronate to create a lifting effect in the skin and smooth out expression lines.

The bio-cellulose material helps to deliver the ingredients and is a wonderful medium for applying the product as it doesn't budge. You can literally walk around while the mask is working and you don't have to worry about it falling off! You do look a little weird with it on, but the results are instantaneous! Lots of celebs are discovering the Bioxidea magic and sharing on social media. Even the Beibs has instagrammed his experience with the Miracle Mask.

After trying the mask myself, I definitely noticed a difference and have used it on clients who were going to an event. I noticed firmer more hydrated skin and fine lines disappeared. I definitely feel that the mask lives up to it's name!