Friday, July 29, 2016

SPF Dont forget your lips, decollette, hands and ears!

We hope that you are all having an amazing summer and catching some essential vitamin D! In addition to the health benefits of the sun there are also disadvantages too. I know that we are all diligently putting SPF on and reapplying, right?! (wink, wink)
In all seriousness, it is definitely good to get a few minutes of early morning rays sans SPF, but protecting your skin during the peak hours of the day to avoid those negative effects. A few places we may forget, and are the first places to show age are the neck (back of the neck especially!) and decollete as well as the ears, lips and hands. says that lip cancers are 0.6 of all cancers in the U.S. and don't forget to tell the men in your life because they are more likely to develop lip cancer!
The easiest way to protect your lips is to use a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen in it and for everything else don't be stingy with your SPF application!
These areas are thinner and less resilient so don't forget to apply and reapply there as well!

Summer Facial Series
Don't forget to sign up for the Summer facial series so that you can get ahead of the holidays! These treatments will unblock energy and heal damage of the sun as well as lift and tone muscles while stimulating collagen. When the fall comes you will already be in great shape for more progressive treatments! Message me to sign up and invest in healthy beautiful skin for the holidays!

I will be out of the office the week of August 8th so, if you are running low on your products send me a message at so that she can make arrangements so that you don’t run out of your favorite stuff! Shipping options are available as well as travel kits for any of your upcoming trips!

Beauty Q & A
Summer Hair Help

Q: My hair is getting really dry and frizzy and the color doesn't seem to be lasting. What can I do to protect it better?
A: Summer time does do a number on your tresses with all of the exposure to the sun and frequent washing. Protecting it is easy and you can look cute while doing it! Conditioner is your first defense. Try applying conditioner before you head out to the beach. Finish the look with some sassy braids and a hat. You would be surprised to know that there are many hats that are made with SPF built right in! Try to avoid chlorine if you can and if you do some pool swimming definitely rinse your hair and skin right away!

Ask The Esthy
Q: Is there anything I can be doing to keep my hands from aging? I am starting to see all kinds of lines and spots. I use hand cream, but worry that I can be doing more.

A: This is a great question and a source of anxiety for lots of us. Hands as well as the neck and decollete are the first places to show age. There are many reasons internally and externally to accelerate aging so it may be different reasons for some people. The first place I would look is to eliminate harsh soaps that contain sulfates or are really alkaline. These products strip your natural barrier and dehydrate the skin not only leading to lines and wrinkles, but could lead to eczema and rashes. Avoid washing your hands unless it is necessary too. few times a week use a gentle scrub or enzyme mask Antioxidants and peptides (like vitamin C and Matrixly3000) are really great for hands just like they are for the face so before bed use what is left on your hands from treating your face to nourish skin and use a lipid (oil based) cream before bed to re-hydrate the skin. During the day use a cream with SPF and brightening ingredients can be great protection against further damage! As an added bonus you can also add a hand treatment to your monthly facial service so that you are covering all the bases too!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Alyssa & Tricia

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Friday, July 15, 2016

How Does your Personal Care Routine Effect Your Health?

Since middle school we all experience a little body order and a natural desire to obliterate it. This is about the time that we start to experiment with (and sometimes over experiment!) with perfumes, powders. The marketing is brilliant and the products all smell so good, but what you don't know is that they typically contain hormone disrupting ingredients. Sounds serious right?!  It definitely is!

Our endocrine system is responsible for our growth and development as well as reproduction. It is a delicate system where perfect amounts of hormones dance with each other in lock step. There are a few different ways it can get out of wack. Not enough sleep or the right kind, stress both good and bad, and environmental toxicity can throw us off making us grumpy, over weight and sick.

So what's the big deal with a little antiperspirant or perfumed lotion to cover up unpleasant body odor? . . . .Your skin is an organ and one of it's functions is absorption. Many of these lotions and perfumes contain many ingredients that tested on their own don't show much concern, however the studies don't take into account that the average woman is layering sometimes as many as 20 products from head to two!

Our bodies are magnificent and a true example of divine artistry. When we are being exposed to toxins like this it knows what to do. It breaks these toxins down and stores them in fat cells which is an eloquent short term solution. The problem lies with chronic exposure. what happens then? Not only do we gain weight, but we start clogging up our liver with fat as well. It is the first time in history where we are seeing Fatty Liver Disease on the rise and the majority of the time it is not being caused by alcoholism anymore. This is a real concern especially as our products are not regulated the way they are in other countries and we are putting these ingredients on our infants and children as well.

In my treatment chair I see all kinds of skin conditions. Inflammation is the number one thing I see. It results in , dark spots, acne, dry skin, hair loss, brittle nails, red irritated skin like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. Environmental Toxicity is one of the main causes I would look at if you are suffering from anything like this. This is also why it drives me nuts when a client tells me that their Dr. said that their condition is hormonal and there is nothing they can do.

It's not just our personal care products for our bodies that can be harmful to our health. . .

I once had an esthetics student ask me to help problem solve an issue a family member was having with her skin. The family member's feet were peeling and cracking. This was so uncomfortable and they had also become infected which was dangerous. I asked her a few questions and thought about it for a day. I was sure I had asked everything. She said that she wasn't doing anything new and all of the products were the same, and then. . . It hit me! I asked her if she cleans the shower barefoot. My student said yes! I mentioned that the chemicals in the cleaner were causing contact dermatitis. This was something that the Dr. had missed and was a huge piece of the puzzle to get the condition under control. The soles of the feet are very porous and this was not only affecting the skin on her feet, but her liver was going to have to deal with the toxins as well! As cleaning homes was her profession you can imagine what the long term implications could have been.

So now that you know that your personal care products are a big concern what do you look for? For one you are not alone. Hiring a Licensed Esthetician to help you navigate will be a huge help. Getting an expert to get eyes on your concerns and your routine will speed up your results. These days there can be many factors to take into account and there may be something affecting your health silently.

In the up coming blogs I am going to give you access to the information I have learned over the years as a Licensed Esthetician. You will be armed with all of the ingredients that are harmful as well as ingredients that support and heal your skin. I know it can be overwhelming to start looking at labels and making decisions on the spot. My goal is to simplify this for you and make it fun as well!


If there is an ingredient or skin care concern you may have feel free to comment below so I can provide you with the most current information, and please share this with your friends so that we can help spread the word about safe skincare!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Review: Rooted Athlete All Natural Deodorant

I have a secret. . . I stink! I'm not kidding, I typically buy mens deodorant because it is stronger. For years I have wanted to switch to natural deodorant because I have heard such awful things about convential brand antiperspirants and deodorants, but I could never get them to work past a couple of days:/  part of that is because after a couple of days you start detoxing the crap from the toxic deodorant and with working in close proximity over people I could never risk getting through that stage.

How toxic could regular deodorant be? Let's take a closer look at the ingredient deck of one of my go to brands

Leading Conventional Women's Deodorant/Antiperspirant

Aluminum Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (18.2%) The EWG states that this ingredient is of low moderate concern. It does have restricted use and can't be used in aerosols because it can cause organ toxicity. This ingredient has been known to clog pores and sweat glands, irritate skin. For those who are not detoxing their estrogen properly sometimes can see a reaction to the metal of pigmentation in their underarms.
GranulomasCancer and toxicity

Cyclopentasiloxane this is listed as the first ingredient, meaning that the formula is mostly this type of silicone.It is used because it doesn't leave residue on the skin and carries the active antiperspirant ingredients into the skin. It is listed as low moderate and there are some toxicity and neurotoxic concerns as well as it is known to bio accumulate.

Stearyl Alcohol, This ingredient is benign and rates the lowest in toxicity, however there is no way to know the source of this ingredient. Stearyl alcohol can come from plants and animals (particularly the Sperm Whale, so cruelty may or may not be an issue)  It is in the formula as an emulsifier it helps bind other ingredients together and allows for slip.

C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate low concern. It is an emollient as well as anti-microbial.

PPG-14 butyl Ether Considered low concern. Derived from petroleum and is a result of a chemical reaction between polyethelene glycol and butyl glycol.

Hydrogenated Castor oil  Low concern, however not much is known in regards to environmental toxicity or if it is bioaccumulating. When oils are hydrogenated they become one molecule away from being plastic and don't breakdown easily.

Fragrance (Parfum) This is a high concern for personal care products. This term represents upwards of 3000 mixtures of ingredients and there is no regulation on what can be used. The concern here is potential, formaldehyde releaser, hormone disruptor, allergen, irritant. neurotoxin, carcinogen, migrain inducer, trigger for asthma. A lot of mixtures are petroleum derived as well.

Polyethylene possible irritant

BHT Preservative.  Potential irritant, could be harmful and carcinogenic. Studies are typically in regards to high doses and if ingested, however some in vitro testing does show cell mutation

Overall many individual ingredients show little to know concern, but studies have not been conducted on what happens when you combine them and many of them aid in absorption of questionable ingredients. I would also be concerned in regards that some of these ingredients may be formaldehyde releasers and hormone disruptors. There is a huge concern for breast health as well as hormone health. You also have to factor in that a lot of people are shaving and this is a form of exfoliation. Exfoliation also aids in product penetration so a lot of these ingredients are being absorbed more than we think. If all that wasn't an issue I would still be against using this product as there is no nutritional value in it. Your under arms have skin and hair as well as a large number of lymphatic and sweat glands that are used for detoxification. Many of us quickly wash with soap and then replace with more deodorant and antiperspirant clogging the pores and creating problems like sweating more and cysts.

and compare it to Rooted Athlete All Natural Deodorant (Which comes in Fresh Scent, Lavender and Unscented)

Organic Coconut Oil This is a great oil in a formula as it provides emollient benefits along side with essential fatty acids for the skin it is naturally anti microbial and anti-fungal, however it doesn't disrupt your microbiome

Organic Carnuba Wax Thickening agent prevents caking. Sourced from carnuba palm leaves in Brazil. FDA considers safe as a food additive.

Organic Arrowroot Powder Thickener, Detoxifier. This is a great alternative to cornstarch in cooking and beauty applications. The process of extracting arrow root powder is less labor and resource intensive and it used to be used in ancient times to heal wounds from poisonous arrows.

Organic Shea Butter Conditioning agent. Contains fatty acids for the skin. It is regenerating and anti-inflammatory

Baking Soda Balances pH. Skin is acidic and your underarms are a warm dark place for bacteria to grow. Baking soda helps to neutralize the pH a little. There is a concern for rashes and irritation with this ingredient and you may have used a natural deodorant before and it caused a rash. That may have been due to a higher dose of Baking soda in that formula. I found this deodorant to be gentle in that regard.

Organic Essential Oils A much better alternative to Fragrance. The aroma in this formula is light and is safe for use on the skin and body..

Comparing the two, you can see the second option is a much healthier choice with less ingredients that are more supportive and nutritious for the skin.

Now more importantly did it work?!

click here to see my video review of the deodorant!

So I am not going to lie. . . I was nervous. I didn't wear sleeves the first day and kept checking all day and found that I didn't smell at all! On day two I wore long sleeves and didn't have to worry at all. I will say that I benefit from doing a touch up somewhere mid to late afternoon, but that's just for added security:) It has been a week and have found that this deodorant is working perfectly!

I can't tell you how excited I am to have found a much healthier product to use as a deodorant!


Friday, July 8, 2016

Wake Up More Radiant!

I love efficiency and getting skincare results with minimal steps. So when I heard about the K Beauty trend of sleeping packs I was intrigued! Who wouldn't want their skincare to do all of the heavy lifting while you sleep so that you can wake up more radiant and supple!

Here is the skinny: basically most of us never masque. This is a step we should be doing at minimum once a week. This usually entails slathering a thick messy goop all over your face for 10-30 minutes and then cleaning it off and applying the rest of your skincare. To date in my experience a lot of women only do this as a special occasion and not enough to make meaningful change in their skin.

This Korean Beauty trend is genius, basically you apply a thinner layer of the masque on your face and massage it in. replacing your night time moisturizer with a more concentrated nutrient dense product. Massaging the product also softens the pores and brings up circulation so that you get better absorption of the product as well.

Worried about the masque being to heavy for your skin? Here's how to choose the best masque for your skin.

Oily and combo skin that is on the oilier side choose a gel based masque.:
Try this- IMAGE Skincare Ormedic Balancing Gel Masque. It is organic and perfect for balancing the skin. It's packed with loads of antioxidants like green tea and soothes skin with arnica too!

Dry and dehydrated skins and for those looking to get ahead of the signs of aging this is the one you want!: IMAGE Skincare The Max Stem Cell Masque with Vectorize Technology.
This creme based masque is formulated with peptides, stem cells and natural botanicals to rejuvenate, revitalize and regenerate dull aging skin. 
I've been doing the sleeping packs for a few months right now and love what it has done for my skin. Especially following a day out in the sun or in the cold!

Use sleeping packs once a week in place of your night time moisturizer. Cleanse in the am and follow your am routine.

Bonus Beauty tip: don't forget to masque your chest, neck and hands!

For more information on how to order your masque contact me