Friday, January 6, 2017

It's All About Intention not Resolutions

Let's face it 2016 is a year that we can all say we are not sad to see go. I think that in part the reason why it was such a tough year for most of us is that it was a year of completion. In numerology 2016 represents the number  9 which symbolizes endings. Many of us experienced these "endings" kind of all at once which made it a stressful year. What is so exciting about 2017 is that it represents the number 1, a year of beginnings. Many of you may have made some realizations in the last year of things that were not serving you. It was a learning experience and now we are ready to take that information and apply it to a brand new year. The page is blank as they say! With the new year just behind us we can already feel the how the energy has shifted and are looking forward to all of this amazing potential.

So, at the new year the question always is; "what are you going to resolve to do to get back to normal and healthy or to improve yourself?"

The majority of us go through the motions of making resolutions with hopes to make change, but a few weeks or months into the year we find it difficult to keep up. The issue with resolutions are that they are just wishes. They are all expectation and no substance, no true intention. Because there is no true intention your subconscious mind doesn't prioritize these goals.

The best way to make healthier changes and move forward is to get clarity on where you want to be and what will allow you fulfill your highest good. It is impossible to change all at once and change is very difficult without a map. After all if you wanted to vacation on an exotic island there would be a lot of thought put in to planning everything perfectly so you could enjoy your investment.

The best way to gain clarity is to really strip everything back to your intentions. Just wanting to lose weight won't help you achieve the goal. Really sit with yourself and look for your "why". Just wanting to fit into a smaller size isn't enough to sustain the goals. Instead, dig deep. Is it because you want more energy to play with your kids, or grandkids or go on hikes with a loved one? What is really behind the surface? What do those experiences look like and feel like? What choices would that person choose if they were you?

 This is also, a really ridiculous time of year to expect a complete turnaround. It is cold and dark, we just got done enjoying an indulgent season. Winter is not a very motivating time to be setting up new habits and springing into action. It's no wonder why the majority of us will find that the new habits just aren't sticking. I am not saying to not be healthy, however putting expectations on yourself without really digging in and planning to set yourself up for success could be a disaster.

I was listening to Kate Northrup the other day and she made the observation that this time of year is particularly difficult for resolutions and that if you kind take a closer look at the calendar you can see that winter is more a time for hibernating planning and seeding. In the spring, plants will start to bud and produce the work that was done in the winter. This may be a much more healthy way to work on becoming healthier, losing weight, getting financially balanced. So if we allow this quarter to be about journaling and searching for our beliefs and also checking to see where we are congruent we can start making little shifts that by Spring we are more equipped to set goals and make big changes for the year.

With this in mind, it may be a really good time for reflection and journaling. What is it that you want for 2017? Is there a word that represents what you want for the year? Getting really clear on what you want will help you organize an action plan for beginning to act like your future higher-self. This will also set you up so that you can make decisions from that place and forgive when you go in another direction. It takes the concept of cheating out of the equation, There is no "good" and "bad" when you are in touch with your future higher-self. Yes, you will make mistakes, but all you have to do is check back in with her or him and keeping moving in that direction. No guilt and no cheating.

Here are some tips to get you started with your seeding! 

Get in touch with your intuition to help you gain clarity and become more introspective. April Adams and Emotional Healing Expert says "We all have intuition in various forms" Some of us can see visions or colors, some hear messages, some have an innate knowing and some feel emotions or sensations to guide them on their path. April Says "The trick is to discover what skill is the strongest for you and build on those skills. It will take some time, but some ways to move the needle along are to practice grounding, meditation, subconscious reprogramming and energy healing."  Doing this work will help you to get to clarity faster and really be in line with your higher self. To find out more about cultivating your intuition check out April's book Essence on You can work with April privately at her Retreat on Elm or over the phone as well. 

Get Clarity. This can be fun! First things first to get in the mood (set intention by creating a special ritual around this) I would put on a fun outfit and get a notebook, maybe a glass of wine or green juice. Sit in an inspiring space and think about where you would like to be this time next year and what that feels like and looks like. Pick a word that sums it all up for yourself. If you like structure to help you journal I highly recommend either The Dragontree Dreambook and Planner or The Freedom Journal

Also, to make it fun play with your word of the year. Purchase little reminders of the word and place them in important places to help you remember. If you are artistically inclined you can also make something like a painting or a t-shirt that will help you remember to stay on track. The Giving Keys is a company doing something unique with your word of the year. Once you name your year have it engraved on a necklace and wear it proudly for others to see! I have seen custom temporary tattoos as well or make a fun date with yourself to get a henna tattoo with the word.

If you are looking to become more active try out some different classes to see what resonates with your future self.  Yoga is a great place to start because it is more than a physical practice and can get you connected to your mind, body, and spirit. There are so many different types of yoga that there is bound to be something that speaks to you and there isn't anything that quite unifies everything while working out (or working in;).  Brandy Hill of Banyan Tree Yoga  has great advice for newbies. "Do your research find a studio and type of yoga that speaks to you. Remember that there is no "right way" to do yoga. Take time and practice patience while you learn self-awareness. One of the mistakes new yogi's experience is focusing too much on the physical practice and forgetting to breathe. It is important to remember that no one is judging you. Surrender to the fact that you will always be practicing as there is always something to learn." Brandy has a fantastic Back to Basics Workshop scheduled for January 14th. Or maybe there is another class you want to check out at the studio. Mention THE VANITY ROOM and get a drop in class for $10.

"Accountability will keep you on the road to success." Says Coach Kyle Briere of Veritas Performance Training. "Once you get clarity on your goals the best way to keep accountable is to announce to your community what your intentions are. By announcing it you are sending a message to the world and to yourself that you believe it is possible." Also be specific and clear about the goal and when it should be accomplished" another great tip is to "Invest in an expert to save you time and money and allow you to break down your goals so that you can master success in a more targeted way!"

The most important thing you can do is to "Pick one thing and stick to it!" Says Diana Rogers RD, LDN, NTP  at The Sustainable Dish. She loves programs like the Whole 30 "Because it's not about weight loss or counting calories. It's about resetting your relationship with food." Diana does a wonderful job of helping others change their mindset around food and is running a great program starting January 11th called Find Your Balance you can also work with her remotely or privately by contacting her at The Sustainable Dish

Most importantly, you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with so seek out relationships of people who have the same interests and goals you do so that you can keep each other accountable and hold each other up. I hope that this year brings you much happiness and success and that you resolve to bring intention and clarity to whatever you do!

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